Hear to Eternity   (2010)

Very early recordings, 100% solo. 

Danse Macabre    (2013)

In spite of the somber title, there are some fun songs and some interesting instrumentals on this.

Unregistered Offender    (2015)

I was warned about using this title, but some of my music has offended a few prickly folks in the past.  Oh, well . . .

Dry Times    (2016)

The title tune was designed as a humorous warning to the inevitable drought we face out West.

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One of my most fulfilling side gigs is serving as a judge for the External link opens in new tab or windowWEST COAST SONGWRITERS monthly competitions In Solano and Marin Counties.  This organization offers creative musicians a chance to perform their compositions in front of a live audience.  Winners receive prizes (i.e., free recording sessions at well-known studios in the area) and the opportunity to compete at the next level:  the annual regional playoffs, held at External link opens in new tab or windowFreight & Salvage in Berkeley, for some awesome incentives and a shot at big-time industry exposure.  While I love getting to hear the impressive work these aspiring composers present, deciding which offering is the ultimate "winner" is always tough.  Every song is itself a victory!