Long Way to the Bottom

C:\fakepath\Long Way to the Bottom.mp3

Rear View Mirror

C:\fakepath\Rear View Mirror.mp3

By Now

C:\fakepath\By Now.mp3



Gone At Last (Xenophobia)

C:\fakepath\Gone At Last.mp3

A Fool Such As I

C:\fakepath\A Fool Such As I.mp3



Clean Air Again

C:\fakepath\Clean Air Again.mp3 2010 VERSION

After the Goldrush

C:\fakepath\After the Goldrush.wav This WAV file will download and play on your default music app (Windows Media/i-Tunes/Apple Music) on older systems.

Terrible Sam

C:\fakepath\Terrible Sam.mp3

A Day In the Life of a Fool (from

C:\fakepath\A Day In the Life of a Fool.mp3



BONUS TRACK: Clean Air Again (1979)

C:\fakepath\Clean Air Again (1979).mp3 feat. Dave McMoyler on harmony vocal, engineering & mixing


Jim Wiant and I are frequent musical partners performing as the Thick As Thieves duo.  Our favorite audiences are the disabled men and women veterans in Bay Area VA hospitals, where we play regularly.