Thanks to my engineer/producer/armchair psychologist and friend, Derek Vincent, for all his hard work in the process of optimizing these recent Lonewulff recordings over the past several years.


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Caught in the act???  Betrayed???   Eventually it happens to us all,  whether we are perpetuators or victims . Here are some current cases of those who have the misfortune to encounter "the bus."

Under the Bus

C:\fakepath\Under the Bus_.mp3


As we take stock of our lives, at a certain point we need to decide which direction is best to head toward--  or maybe just sit it out till epiphany comes. 

Side of the Road

C:\fakepath\Side of the Road_ DV bass.mp3


Moving on?  Moving out?  Once you make the decision to leave, it seems everything around you starts falling apart.  This is true for jobs, living situations, relationships -- and there's no looking back

Outta Here

C:\fakepath\Outta Here (LW).mp3


There are some people you are just better staying away from.  They are alluring at first, but in the end you get caught up in the madness and which you had avoided the mess in the first place-- despite the "hot" factor.

Hot Mess

C:\fakepath\Hot Mess.mp3


Falling in love is natural and sometimes very easy for us.  It's falling OUT of love that is so painful and difficult, even when we know it's for the best.  I know, having endured that all-too-human ordeal.

Out of Love

C:\fakepath\OUT OF LOVE 5.mp3


A 50-second romp into that delightful tune from the 1950s, when we all believed in the Tooth Fairy, happily ever after, and -- most of all -- wishing on a star.  Background vocals:  The Wolverines.

Mr. Sandman

C:\fakepath\Mr Sandman DV.mp3


Friends or lovers?  A serious song about that point where a friendship is on the brink of becoming much more, and the awkwardness that brings to the closeness that .suddenly seems less innocent.

A River Unseen

C:\fakepath\A River Unseen.mp3


Neil Sedaka recorded an up-tempo version of this in 1963, then came back with a slow version in the 1970s.  One of the most spirited break-up songs ever!

Breakin' Up Is Hard to Do

C:\fakepath\BREAKING 4.5.mp3


It seems these days everywhere you turn there is conflict, being politics, love or faith.  Whatever became of getting to a mutual 'yes?'  Is there any hope for the art of COMPROMISE?


C:\fakepath\COMPROMISE soft drum low string.mp3


In life, many of us experience a fear of abandonment.  This Latin-tinged number extolls the intention to stick it out for another person, despite all the forces that threaten to pull people apart.

I'm Not Going Away

C:\fakepath\Not Going Away final.mp3


When I am not playing solo, I partner with Jim Wiant in the musical duo THICK AS THIEVES, playing around the greater Bay Area.  Our speciality:  light-hearted Americana tunes, with a sprinkling of originals thrown in for extra measure.