One More Mile

C:\fakepath\ONE MORE MILE 4.mp3

The Great Unknown

C:\fakepath\THE GREAT UNKNOWN DV.mp3

No Escape

C:\fakepath\NO ESCAPE 3 ANALOG EQLIM.mp3

Bad Girl

C:\fakepath\BAD GIRL4.mp3

Mad World

C:\fakepath\Mad World Final.mp3

Pretty Poison


A Long, Long Time

C:\fakepath\LONG 3.5.mp3

Silver and Gold

C:\fakepath\SILVER AND GOLD re touch.mp3

That'll Never Happen No More

C:\fakepath\That'll Never Happen No More.mp3


C:\fakepath\Flo (rough).mp3

The Last Thing On My Mind

C:\fakepath\The Last Thing On My Mind Final.wav

Penguin Paradise

C:\fakepath\Penguin Paradise.mp3


C:\fakepath\Nothin'+.mp3 Recorded LIVE at First Street Cafe, Benicia, CA on May 17, 2014.

So Danca o Samba

C:\fakepath\So Danca o Samba.mp3

My Rough and Rowdy Ways

C:\fakepath\My Rough and Rowdy Ways.mp3

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

C:\fakepath\The Good the Bad & the Ugly Final.wav


Recording session at The Shed with Derek Vincent, the engineer/producer on my last three albums.  Somehow he makes the noise I make sound like actual music.