ABOVE, L to R:  Brothers Mick (1951-1997 - with drums), Dave (now a Supervising Sound Editor at Warner Bros in Hollywood) and me, 1964.


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Music is a family affair, especially in my family.  Here are a few early songs recorded on analog tape while my brother Dave was getting his degree in audio engineering at HSU, with he and brother Steve (who performs with me today) filling in on harmonies. 

ALL SONGS MIXED AND REMASTERED BY External link opens in new tab or windowDAVE MCMOYLER

Danny's Song

C:\fakepath\DANNY'S SONG.mp3 1980 recording session at Humboldt State University


C:\fakepath\EUREKA.mp3 1979 recording session at Humboldt State University; written en route from the Bay Area

Rejoice In Surrender

C:\fakepath\Rejoice in Surrender (1980).mp3 1980 Humboldt State University; written by Tom Turner, who died before hearing this recording of his song


C:\fakepath\LAUGHIN'.mp3 1980 recording session at Humboldt State University

Remember the Good Times

C:\fakepath\REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES.mp3 1979 recording session at Humboldt State University

Clean Air Again (1979)

C:\fakepath\Clean Air Again (1979).mp3


Songs recorded between 2009 and 2018.  Technical aspects are sometimes dubious, since I was in DIY mode for many of these.

Do It for Free

C:\fakepath\Do It For Free.mp3

George Harrison Medley

C:\fakepath\Harrison Medley.mp3 Combined: "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" & "Here Comes the Sun"

Secret Valentine

C:\fakepath\Secret Valentine NO VOCAL.mp3

In Love With Love

C:\fakepath\IN LOVE WITH LOVE1.mp3 For the Chanteuse

If Tomorrow Never Comes

C:\fakepath\My Rough and Rowdy Ways.mp3

This Ain't Tennesse

C:\fakepath\This Ain't Tennessee (2).mp3

The Thunder Rolls

C:\fakepath\The Thunder Rolls.mp3



Tequila Loves Me

C:\fakepath\Tequila Loves Me.mp3

Get Out of My Dreams

C:\fakepath\GET OUT OF MY DREAMS 3.mp3

A Whiter Shade of Pale

C:\fakepath\A Whiter Shade of Pale.mp3



Eureka ! (2012)


I Thought I Was a Child

C:\fakepath\I Thought I Was a Child.mp3

Before the Deluge

C:\fakepath\Before the Deluge.mp3

God Bless the Child feat. Samantha Sipin

C:\fakepath\God Bless the Child.mp3

Blue Bayou feat. Samantha Sipin

C:\fakepath\Blue Bayou.mp3





I Don't Know Where I'm Goin' But I'm Goin' Nowhere In a Hurry Blues

C:\fakepath\Nowhere In a Hurry Blues.mp3

Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight

C:\fakepath\Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight1.mp3



The Wind Beneath My Wings

C:\fakepath\The Wind Beneath My Wings.mp3 For Sarah



New York State of Mind

C:\fakepath\New York State of Mind.mp3

Sweet Misery

C:\fakepath\Sweet Misery.mp3

Cry Me a River

C:\fakepath\Cry Me a River.mp3



Windy and Warm

C:\fakepath\Windy and Warm.mp3 Sorry about the fake wind !

America the Beautiful

C:\fakepath\America the Beautiful Video FX.mp3


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I am a former high school teacher and I now continue that craft as a guitar instructor at External link opens in new tab or windowCONSUMER MUSIC in Vallejo.  Beginners are my favorite students.  The store stages a monthly open mic recital where budding musicians at all levels can overcome their shyness and strut their stuff.  Here I am at a recital with Juan, who's developing some genuine chops since he began taking lessons at the age of eight.