Heaven On Earth

C:\fakepath\Heaven test mix down.mp3

Autumn Leaves

C:\fakepath\Autumn Leaves.wav

Count Up the Bullets

C:\fakepath\Count Up the Bullets.mp3

Compadres In the Old Sierra Madre

C:\fakepath\Compadres in the Old Sierra Madres.mp3

My REAL Favorite Things

C:\fakepath\My REAL Favorite Things.mp3



Fooled Me

C:\fakepath\Fooled Me.mp3

Popsicle Toes

C:\fakepath\Popsicle Toes.mp3

Danse Macabre

C:\fakepath\Danse Macabre.m4a

Sitting In Limbo

C:\fakepath\Sitting In Limbo.mp3 feat. Mark Sackett on flute

The Other Side of Town

C:\fakepath\On the Other Side of Town.mp3



My Best Friend Me

C:\fakepath\My Best Friend Me FINAL.mp3 feat. Charlie Elliott on banjo

El Choclo (Tango Criollo)

C:\fakepath\El Choclo.mp3

On Me

C:\fakepath\On Me (V Media).mp3

Through the Keyhole

C:\fakepath\Through the Keyhole.mp3

Miss Misfortune

C:\fakepath\Miss Misfortune .mp3


With two of the most dedicated music lovers I know, Den McCue and Kat Everitt, who were high school sweethearts, then married others and were finally reunited in 2009.  They host a radio show and are two of my dearest friends and collaborators.